Unmonitored Account Emails Suck

I just signed up for a new service, Buffer, and received an interesting email from them.

I'm sure it was automated. And it was the same old "Welcome To Our Service" email.

What set it apart was it wasn't one of those lame "this email originates from an unmonitored account" emails. I could actually click reply if I had a question.

How many support emails do you receive from an unmonitored account? How useful is that? How hard is it to allow folks to reply and actually get a response?

I think those emails are wrought with hazards. Let's explore.


What are the hazards associated with these lame emails? Which of these anzeneering shields are you putting at risk : time, money, information, reputation, relationships, health?

I can think of a few.

Relationship Shield

You're telling me in the email how important I am, but I'm not important enough for you to send me an email from a monitored account?

If you care so little about me, why should I care about you?

Money Shield

Although these useless emails are the norm, you're competing with an ever increasing swarm of companies vying for people's attention. The more you can do to make it easier for them to interact with you the better.

If I have to click a link, or worse, log into my account and search for a link hierarchy that has probably changed since you drafted that email, the more likely you are to lose me as a customer.

Time Shield

You are wasting my time. You are forcing me to interact with you outside of the natural way I interact via email. By replying.

Time Shield

You are wasting your time.

For example, say I filed a service request then shortly after filing, figured it out on my own. In the mean time your automated system sent me an email from an unmonitored account making me feel all warm and fuzzy because you're on it.

If you allowed me to respond to that email letting you know I figured it out and to close the issue, you've saved some time. If I have to do more than just reply, I'm not going to let you know.

Worse, I'm going to ignore future emails, from real people spending real time, attempting to solve a problem I've already solved.

Anzen Culture

When you build an anzen culture, these are the kinds of things you start paying attention to. Everything you do, and especially everything you take for granted, goes under the anzeneering microscope and is examined for hazards.

Emails from unmonitored accounts are normal but shouldn't be. Strive to be better.

What other risks or hazards do you see with these kinds of emails?

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