Take Back Agile: The Back Story

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Tim Gifford while at a client.

We were talking one day about the term "agile" and I was bemoaning how it's become polluted and I just want to leave it behind.

He had a revolutionary and brilliant alternative. He said, "I want to take agile back."

Heppner Oregon

A few weeks later, the services circle of Industrial Logic assembled in Heppner Oregon. It was a working summit to get to know each other and find better ways of working together by working together.

I mentioned mine and Tim's conversation and other members got as excited as I did when Tim first said it.

Since Industrial Logic is focussed on anzeneering, which, by the way, we've been doing all along, we decided not to focus on taking agile back as a team.

Ott Steps Up

Tim Ottinger's excitement did not wane however.

It motivated him to write I Want Agile Back.

It's grown to be one if his most popular and visited blogs.

It seems Tim Gifford was not the only one who wanted to take agile back.

We're at the trail head of something that could be great. Bringing back agile development to the hoards of teams that would greatly benefit from it.

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